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Why you must have a CRM

It is imperative that all businesses have a balance between their systems to support your companies Financial, Operational and Sales & Marketing needs.

Most business owners have a bias towards 1 or 2 of these critical areas and the 3rd is often neglected.  In my experience Sales & Marketing is the area most often overlooked or ignored.

The facts are, that all business starts with a sale. If you don’t have any clients, you don’t have any sales and without sales you don’t have a business.

The key to any successful Sales & Marketing business system is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

Why should you invest in a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)? Here are the key reasons from a survey below:

1. More Effective Customer Communication
2. A better overall, view of your business
3. Improved Customer Service
4. Clearer insight into the Sales Pipeline

 * Source: Insightly Customer Survey, November 2012 (1200 Respondents)


Totally Integrated Cloud Based System
Enter data once and don’t build silo’s!

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