Why asset management software is so important for the mining, construction and trades industries​

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Why asset management software is so important for the mining, construction and trades industries

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Companies in the mining, construction and trades industries often have a huge amount of assets to keep track of. Without a dedicated asset management software platform, this can be very difficult, time-consuming and costly.

At Envision Digital, we have implemented FieldInsight field and asset management software for many companies, who have benefited enormously from the ability to easily and efficiently manage their assets and equipment.

Here are some reasons why using an asset management software platform like FieldInsight is so important for mining, construction and trades companies.

Get a better understanding of the asset life-cycle and costs

A huge part of asset and equipment management is knowing when assets are due for repairs or maintenance and factoring in these costs to your operating budget. Asset management software keeps track of these schedules and costs for you.

Reduce the risk of equipment being lost or stolen

Theft of equipment from construction sites is unfortunately very common. Asset management software makes it easier to keep track of and recover equipment through active and passive tracking methods, such as GPS tracking and QR scannable codes.

Easily locating equipment

For companies that have a lot of equipment, it can be very hard to locate specific assets when needed, or keep track of where everything is. With asset management software, you can see exactly where your assets are in real time.

Scheduling maintenance efficiently

With asset management software, it’s easy to schedule maintenance of equipment at times when the asset won’t be needed, or when there will be another similar asset available. This reduces the chance of not having a particular type of equipment available when you need it.

Why FieldInsight?

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FieldInsight is the best field and asset management software available in Australia, which is why it is our software of choice when working with companies in the mining, construction and trades industries.

As well as asset management, it also includes scheduling, customer management, inventory management and project management capabilities, among other features.

These features, along with its easy to use interface and ability to easily integrate with other systems, make it a clear winner in our books – just ask our clients!

Envision Digital can provide you with an expert implementation of FieldInsight asset management software – contact us today for a free 45 minute demo.

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