Envision Digital is the only Authorised Partner for Urbanise in Western Australia


Urbanise Property/Facilities Management Software

Make property management a breeze with Urbanise – Australian-made commercial and residential building management software.

Urbanise is an Australian-based property management software that provides a streamlined, all-in-one solution for managing commercial, residential buildings and strata.

The cloud-based software lets building managers easily connect with customers, residents and suppliers and efficiently manage building services.

Urbanise completely reimagines service delivery to buildings and communities – making the cities we live and work smarter.

Its disruptive technology seamlessly outperforms conventional solutions and offers property, strata and facilities management companies real-time visibility, reduced costs and new revenue streams.

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the Urbanise platform is integrated with some of the most iconic towers and communities across Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, and the UAE.

Envision Digital is the only Urbanise Authorised Partner in Western Australia. We have the expertise the seamlessly implement the software and integrate it with your existing systems.

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urbanise strata

Accounting and Management tools plus building websites and mobile apps
on one beautiful connected platform

The Urbanise Strata platform is used to manage apartment buildings, strata
commercial towers and large housing communities.

The system is cloud-based and integrates management, communication and
accounting functions all on one integrated platform.

Strata owners and residents can stay informed and connected via our community portal and mobile apps.

Today, over 20,000 properties are managed more intelligently on the Urbanise Strata platform.

Self-Service Management via building websites
and Community apps

Every building that is managed on the Urbanise Strata platform receives a customisable web site and a secure portal for use by committee members, owners and residents where they can access information and tools in a self-service capacity. This system is called Urbanise Community which is available as both a web and mobile app. The system also has some powerful marketing and communication tools for strata managers, such as a maintenance ticketing system, SMS, Lobby screen system and a digital noticeboard.

Today, over ¼ million strata owners and residents access Urbanise Community every day to view their property information online and interact with their fellow residents and strata manager.

Innovative Facilities Management in the Cloud

The Urbanise Facilities platform is used to manage infrastructure, buildings, housing estates and local government. The system is cloud-based and completely integrates facilities, assets and workforce management into a single platform. Urbanise have also harnessed the power of AI and machine learning to help automate daily tasks which helps deliver efficiencies and improved service.

Today’s buildings need smart management — our Facilities Management platform slashes paperwork and gives you unprecedented clarity over your operations.

Leading Utilities Management Software in the Cloud

The Urbanise Utilities platform is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) micro-utility solution for the residential and commercial property markets. By combining the benefits provided by today’s cloud and smart metering technologies, we’ve built a world-class platform which provides a proven solution for automating the labour-intensive tasks associated with utility meter reading, managing utility metered networks and collecting utility income from tenants and residents.

We empower metering companies, utility operators and divisions, as well as property managers to efficiently implement, maintain and manage embedded utility networks for their customers.

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Remote Monitoring:
The Strategic Alternative

Building managers know that asset maintenance is a sophisticated, information-driven process. Our remote monitoring solution uses smart sensors to give you continuous visibility over your assets,
lowering your costs—and your risks.

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