Training Services


  • Adult & Community Education Programs
  • Content development & Instructional Design
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Training Delivery & Facilitation
  • Vocational Education & Training
  • Training and coaching
  • Leadership development & coaching
  • Training delivery & coordination
  • Vocational education & training
  • IT support services
  • Software training and support
  • Technology training and support


Envision Digital provide expert management consulting and training, led by Managing Director Rod Wakefield. Rod is a highly experienced and nationally accredited trainer and leadership coach. Rod develops and delivers tailored courses and business in Business, Leadership, Frontline and Logistics Management for adults, tailoring and mapping them to the Nationally Accredited Training Programmes, and has graduated over 90 senior leaders.

All training programmes are mapped to nationally recognised competencies, but resources, content and projects are tailored to clients’ organisations, maximizing the value and direct benefit of the training.

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ELO Digital Office

  • Document and record management solutions
  • Easily navigatable digital filing
  • Document automation
  • Collaboration tools
  • GeoTags

Currently employ two staff on traineeships:

  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • Certificate IV in Business

Specialised Lecturer – Northern Regional TAFE (Pilbara):

  • Diploma of Business Management
  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management

Specialised Lecturer – Challenger TAFE:

  • Diploma in Logistics Management

Qualified Consultants

Rod Wakefield

Managing Director

Chris Valentine

Operations Manager

Louanne Wakefield

Customer Service Manager