The Importance of a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

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How well do you know your customers?  How well are your salespeople performing? Are they active in the field where the business is won?  Are your staff and you forgetting to follow up and in turn are breaking the trust of you customers?

Do you have vital client information distributed through different systems in your business and you don’t know where to find it?  This is precisely why you need a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) in your business.

Here is a list of 10 reasons why you need a CRM:

  1.  Emails are centralised in one area
  2. Track history on every contact and every client
  3. You never lose your data even when staff members leave (As they often do!)
  4. Helps you and your staff to be better organised
  5. Sales Pipeline helps you to forecast upcoming work
  6. Tracks Follow Ups, Tasks and Events
  7. Compares Sales performance within your business
  8. Builds a database that you can use to communicate and sell to your customers
  9. Stops reliance on your memory
  10. Tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)


Of course you don’t need to hire a person to be a Customer Relationship Manager or create a new role within your company.  There are many affordable cloud-based CRM softwares out there that can help your business improve workflow efficiencies and help grow your company.

Do you have a CRM in your business? Your competitor probably has one!

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