Spring into Digital Growth

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THE 3 M’s of Marketing

Just as a new spring flower needs water, sunshine and soil to blossom, keeping your marketing strategy simple, with the 3 M’s will help to ensure you consistently create successful campaigns.

  • MESSAGE : Clearly identify only 1 key MESSAGE and be consistent with that across all marketing.
  • MARKET: Define and know your MARKET inside and out. Use data to drill into behavior and buying patterns. Communicate with a matched tone and language.
  • MEDIUM: Choose the best MEDIUM for your market, these channels will ensure you reach the right people at the right time to optimize engagement.


While the 3 M’s will get you impact both in the dynamic digital space and the more traditional, old school channels, you need to concentrate on a 60/40 split with your marketing efforts;

That’s 60% brand building and 40% short term sales.

Many CEO’s and managers want to see fast and furious boosts in the bottom line. It’s more productive to recognise that marketing has two distinct areas, branding – the slow burn and today’s sales – the fast gain.

Data or no data it’s important to create campaigns using some very basic marketing strategies.


We all know that gathering consumer data is like building your very own stash of gold bullion. However, we can get bogged down in the sheer amount we collect.

Find a first-class marketing automation tool (such as SharpSpring) to save time wading through masses of potentially useless data. This will free you up to use the information to streamline your marketing campaigns.


Emotionally driven campaigns like cute puppies dragging toilet paper across a room are 2 times more likely to be effective as rational ones. After all, we are emotional beings, some of us more than others.



Find an ambassador who embodies the look and lifestyle that your consumers aspire to personify and let them work it, baby. Fame campaigns are 4 times more likely to drive your market growth.


Creative campaigns are so important. Consumers love to be taken away from daily life with imaginative and engaging stories. In fact, creativity is the second biggest driver of ROI with a factor of 12.

  1. IT’S WIN, WIN

Binet and Fields research suggests that awarded companies will improve in market growth more than unawarded businesses due to the associated media and credibility. So get your brand out there by entering competitions and being involved in events.


One of the major benefits of data-driven marketing is the ability to continuously and accurately measure campaign results. Once you have the tools and framework in place to analyse new data as it comes in, you can measure campaign impact and learn what is most, or least, effective, and tweak, optimise, and experiment accordingly. This allows teams to target the right audience, by personalising content that will resonate with them every time. Not only will consistently measuring impact help the brand remain focused on the business and campaign goals, but it will also increase ROI and further influence buy-in from organisational leaders.


Talking to a human means no questions unanswered.

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