Software Free Trials – Don’t be fooled?

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It is evident with the rise of cloud technology that most software companies are now offering free trials.

Whilst this is cost effective and convenient for the consumer/business, this approach often doesn’t work.  In fact, in my experience it rarely works unless the person signing up spends considerable time to work it all out. Even then they will meet areas of frustration, time wasting and implementation woes due to their lack of understanding.

As a Certified Partner of numerous software providers, I often reflect on how much work my company gains due to people trying to set up software themselves.  This is logical because software implementation is not their core business and it is complex work that requires knowledge and understanding!

Companies like mine have to attend training sessions, complete multiple phone calls, emails and implementation practice to be able to successfully complete a software installation. Even then it can take one or two projects to really work out how to properly set them up.

Don’t be fooled.  In most cases it is not an easy task to set up software free trials.

Your business systems are vital to your survival and the price of software today is a fraction of the price that it used to be.  Spend the money to pay a specialist to do it right and in return you will gain a successful result that will significantly improve your business.

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