Meetings Now Available In SharpSpring

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Spend Less Time Scheduling and More Time Selling

Booking meetings is the starting point of the game in sales. To help you book meetings and convert prospects to clients, SharpSpring has gone a few steps further than apps that automate the appointment booking process. It has created a fully automated process of triggered emails, tasks, notifications, follow-up and integrated it with their comprehensive marketing automation suite.

Create and Share Meetings with SharpSpring

Now you have full freedom to invite your clients and prospects to book a meeting with you in a professional way. You can book meeting using a text link, an email signature with “Book time with me” or a button created within the app. You can place the text link or button in an email, on your website or a landing page, wherever you want people to connect online and automatically book a meeting with you.

In addition, you can share the meetings that you have created. Each share meeting link is unique to a specific meeting. Just like the initial meeting booking links, meetings can be shared via emails, websites and landing pages. There is no limit to the number of users. Your sales team can have profiles for all staff, each with their own settings and personalized links to book meetings.

Customize Meeting App Settings

Set in advance the dates and times you are available, when and how you are notified of booked meetings, and which calendars are synced with your booked meetings. These settings can be modified at any time. Sales managers can be notified and view all activity, monitoring follow-up, results, and prospect nurturing. You can even customize which domains the meetings are set to, as well as the color for meeting calendars.

And, big bonus, the SharpSpring Meetings app is completely free with the SharpSpring Marketing Automation subscription or even with the SharpSpring Free CRM.

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