Meetings Made Easy through SharpSpring!

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SharpSpring’s brand new, fully integrated, Meetings function is a dynamic calendar tool that helps you leverage the power of automation to amplify the impact of every sales or project meeting.

Meetings made Simple for Sales Teams and Individuals

Designed for individuals and sales teams, Meetings identifies a mutually convenient time for all recipients, optimizing the time your team spends selling by:

  • Gaging collective capacity
  • Increasing sales conversations by booking more meetings
  • Reducing no shows
  • Eliminating scheduling conflicts
  • Improves sales conversions and boosting revenue


Native zoom integration simplifies virtual meetings by:

  • Syncing Google or Outlook calendars
  • Customising meeting types to your sales process
  • User-friendly availability notification settings

Managers Benefit Too!

Meetings works great for managers by providing an holistic view of a team’s total capacity and conversion rates for optimal scheduling.

  • Book time with a lead in a single click
  • Delegate someone to schedule a demo
  • Allocate the next available sales rep on your team
  • Trigger high impact Marketing and Sales Automation in sharp screen
  • Automate a series of next steps to streamline the sale
  • Send a confirmation email with a zoom meeting link in the calendar invite
  • Meetings automatically added to task manager

Meetings is a sophisticated calendar tool deeply integrated with the power of marketing automation, which means you can spend less time scheduling and more time selling.


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