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KeyPay is an all-in-one online payroll software solution with support for single touch payroll. An automated cloud payroll software solution, it offers fast and easy online payroll while ensuring Fair Work compliance – and saving you time for more important tasks.

Envision Digital are accredited KeyPay implementation experts in Australia.

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KeyPay Australia – All In One Payroll Software

Australia’s best payroll software system and single touch payroll software provider, as well as a workforce management tool for businesses, accountants, bookkeepers, and outsourced payroll providers.

KeyPay online payroll allows employers to easily manage the end to end process of employment by providing tools that save time, promote compliance, empower employees, and show real time costs. Now you can manage all your payroll in one easy cloud payroll software platform.

Keypay also has apps to track time and let employees self-manage their employment related information.

Automate employee pay calculations

Create and manage your own unique set of pay rules to automate pay conditions such as penalties, allowances, overtime, and rostered days off using KeyPay’s pay conditions engine.

Better manage your workforce and costs

Enhance visibility of your team across multiple locations using KeyPay’s workforce management apps and business tools. Provide real time insights into the operating costs of your business and streamline payroll processes.

Automate award calculations

Remove manual calculations of pay conditions by installing a pre-packaged modern award for true automation of all pay rate calculations, along with any penalty, loading, and allowance entitlements. KeyPay eliminates manual errors and helps you stay compliant.

Features To Automate Your Payroll

Single Touch Payroll Reporting

Available for businesses of all sizes. Automatically report payroll information to the ATO.

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees to manage their own information such as leave requests, timesheets, personal details, expenses, and more with our self-service app - WorkZone, or via an online portal.

Pay Conditions Engine

Automate all pay condition calculations by creating your own rule sets or by using one of our existing modern awards automation.


Easily build rosters to budget with real time shift costs that offer complete visibility.

Time & Attendance

Eliminate paper timesheets or manual data entries. Automate the creation of timesheets with employee clock on/off using our mobile app - WorkZone, or our iPad app - Clock Me In. A seamless timesheet entry to manager approval process is here!


Our cloud based platform allows you to integrate seamlessly with other HR management, time and attendance, and accounting platforms.


Simplify your processes with automated notifications, super payments, termination and leave calculations.

Award Interpretation

Australian modern Awards are complex. KeyPay’s pre-built modern Awards make it easy for payroll managers to pay staff correctly, each and every pay run.


Access our extensive library of reports to obtain data on employees, pay runs, superannuation, PAYG and more.

Pay Slip Templates

Create and customise Fair Work compliant pay slips that can be easily accessed in the cloud.