Jintu Vincent

VINCENT Jintu -PHO- Photo

Jintu possesses an extensive background in the software industry working with top leading multinational companies and varied sectors such as manufacturing, banking, wholesale and retail.

He has expertise in modern web development technologies like React, Redux, Express, Node, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, Oracle etc. He has worked closely with other business analysts, development teams and infrastructure specialists to deliver high availability solutions for mission-critical applications.

Jintu’s strong analytical and technical skills provide best feasible solution for customer needs.



  • Developed eCommerce websites as well as social media platforms.
  • Created really fast and fully responsive website using React and Redux.
  • Created RESTful APl using Express and Node.js.
  • Created and implemented database designs and data models.
  • Tested websites and performed troubleshooting prior to deployment.
  • Deployed production build into Heroku and Firebase.
  • Familiar with software version control GitHub and NPM libraries.
  • Experienced in DevOps software development approaches.