Envision join forces with Urbanise in WA

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On the 1st November 2018 Envision Strategy Solutions Pty Ltd and Urbanise.com Limited (Urbanise) (ASX:UBN) signed a 2 Year Agreement for Envision to become an Authorised Partner, to resell and implement Urbanise software throughout our region.

Urbanise is a world class, enterprise level, modularised, mobile and cloud based, asset management and condition monitoring software. Urbanise is an integrated and innovative platform to manage assets, facilities and your workforce in one connected programme.



Urbanise can be implemented at an Enterprise level or can be tailored to suit different sized businesses with varying needs.

Urbanise is being used by Strata Managers, Government, Facilities Management, Service Providers, Resources Companies and progressive Utilities Operators globally to significantly improve their operational and service systems.


Remote Monitoring (IOT)

The Urbanise suite of low-cost, retrofitted remote monitoring devices are ideal for buildings without a BMS.  When a sensor moves out of a defined parameter (set by you), the platform will issue SMS and email alerts to nominated persons, providing early warning of potential issues.  This allows Strata Managers and/or Building Managers to be alerted of issues before they become problems, with a reduction in cost, risk and the potential for asset failure.

As an added feature, the RMS when linked with the broader Urbanise FM platform can automatically raise reactive jobs which can be tracked using the workforce solution.  All service requests (which can contain one or more jobs) are managed dynamically using the workforce app. This removes the need for paper-based systems, helping you to scale your business, enhance productivity, enhance customer service and achieve process efficiency.

The Urbanise remote Monitoring platform is charged either on a leasing model or capex model.

Envision is proud to be closely associated with Urbanise and we would welcome any enquiry, so that we can provide an obligation free, initial demonstration regarding the Urbanise opportunity. If you are truly interested in the benefits of digital transformation, call us now!

Please call 1300 074 484 or email Envision info@envisionss.com.au



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