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Envision Digital are the SharpSpring Country Manager for  Oceania, and we’re here to provide you first-rate Australian-based implementation support with the most powerful and affordable marketing automation software.

SharpSpring marketing automation: Generate more leads. Convert them to sales. Enhance and optimise your marketing.

SharpSpring marketing automation platform is a powerful and affordable all-in-one sales and marketing solution. Generate more leads with automated emails and integrated social media campaigns. Convert them to sales with automated sales tools. Enhance and optimise your marketingefforts with automated marketing funnels.

Some of the features the SharpSpring marketing platform offers:

Behaviour-Based Email

Campaign Tracking

Dynamic Landing Pages

Blog Builder

SharpSpring Social

Anonymous Visitor ID

Dynamic Form Builder

CRM & Sales Automation

Reporting and Analytics

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A single platform designed to grow your business by driving leads and sales.

Typical Mar-Tech Stack
SharpSpring’s All-in-One Platform

With SharpSpring’s single platform, every piece works together to deliver better results with every interaction.

All-in-one marketing automation software for agencies, with Australian-based support.

Envision Digital has been appointed the SharpSpring Partner for Oceania and is your Australian-based partner for SharpSpring implementation, integrations, professional services and support.
Envision Digital understands the local market and the needs of Australian agencies and are available to provide services and support during Australian business hours.

Grow your agency. Increase client retention. Enhance your omni-channel marketing.

SharpSpring is an affordable digital marketing automation platform designed and built for marketing agencies and teams.

As an all-in-one CRM and marketing automation solution, it makes powerful omni-channel marketing easy. Enhance your lead generation efforts with the SharpSpring Perfect Audience integration and create powerful retargeting campaigns. Track your leads all the way from first website visit to sale with advanced web analytics.

SharpSpring can also be used as white label style solution to on-sell to
your clients to create additional revenue streams.

The only software built around agencies

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agencies trust SharpSpring

How SharpSpring can benefit your agency

Higher-Value Relationships

Grow your agency and increase client retention by becoming an integrated and indispensable partner to your clients.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Move from unpredictable project work to retainer-based relationships.

Prove Value to Your Clients

Show clients measurable results with comprehensive lead-to-revenue reporting.

SharpSpring and Envision Digital are your trusted partners – not your competitors.

Agency Pricing Model

Your customers are yours, not ours.

SharpSpring’s pricing is highly competitive in comparison to other marketing automation platforms – costing as little as 10% of major competitors.

You’re not locked in to long term contracts, you can leave any time.

It’s up to you what you charge your customers.

You keep 75% or more of the revenue.

Agency Support

When you need help, Envision Digital is available to phone during Australian business hours – no staying up until 3am to talk to a US-based support person.

Additional help is available by email from SharpSpring – you can contact SharpSpring directly or have Envision Digital do so on your behalf.

Key Features

Smart Email and CRM Marketing Automation Tools

Put an end to boring, mass email blasts and save time on your marketing strategy. Start conversations that lead to conversions with personalized messages and automated campaigns that respond to user behavior. Use the SharpSpring email marketing platform to track leads “after the click.” Unlike other email service providers, we offer detailed analytics on every interaction – so you can send the right message at the right time, and send your sales team into action with real-time notifications.

Convert More Leads with Dynamic Forms

Collect leads that integrate directly with your marketing CRM software. Build, customize and reorder fields effortlessly with the sleek drag-and-drop editor. Our dynamic forms autocomplete fields for known visitors to improve conversions and look great on any site with custom CSS. You can even map fields from 3rd-party and native forms.

Detect Key Leads and Moments with Our Marketing Automation System

Our powerful, easy-to-use visual workflow builder simplifies marketing automation. Use branching logic to engage leads at critical points in their unique buying journeys. Instantaneously sync information with our built-in marketing automation CRM suite. Set up buyer personas for your products and services, then assign leads to different personas so that you can send automatically targeted messages. Receive a list of each day’s hottest leads right to your inbox, and act at just the right time to convert them to sales. Use SharpSpring’s marketing automation tools to score leads based on engagement, page tracking, fit and more – they even factor in natural lead decay over time.

Identify Every Lead with VisitorID

VisitorID is one of the secret weapons in our stack of marketing automation tools. Use it to identify twice as many visitors to your site (compared to competing marketing platforms). Use behavioral-based tracking to truly understand what motivates each click. Identify pain points and successful strategies so that your website never stops optimizing. Receive a list of the day’s hottest leads directly to your inbox, and act at just the right time to convert those leads to sales.

Built-in and 3rd-Party CRM Integrations

Knowledge is power – and CRM is sales. Use our marketing automation CRM or seamlessly integrate your preferred CRM provider with the SharpSpring marketing platform. Keep integrated data up to speed with instant two-way synchronization. Track opportunities from creation to close with a bird’s eye view of your pipeline. Create custom deal stages, fields, filters and more, to manage sales effortlessly with our marketing automation tools.

Design Landing Pages That Convert

Build powerful landing pages and landing page funnels that transform visitors into leads. Use our simple point-and-click editor to create unique landing pages, or adapt a template from our extensive library. Set up chains of linked landing pages to organize visitors into different funnels and capture leads directly into your website.

Drive more conversions with dynamic web content that changes based on visitors’ interests and attributes. Deliver results quickly without a developer or any coding — and without touching your website. And if you are coding-savvy, you can always add your own HTML and CSS code to customize pages even further.

Build Brand Authority with Your Blog

Launch a blog in minutes directly in our marketing automation system. Write, design, manage and publish posts with ease. Set up permissions allowing your team to collaborate and publish posts and create profiles to welcome guest bloggers. Extend the reach of your content with RSS email syndication that automatically sends new posts to your mailing lists.

Get more engagement with your content using social media widgets that allow users to share your content and follow you online. Use SharpSpring’s marketing automation tools to track visitors, find out which content performs best and target posts to maximize conversions.

Readable, Actionable, Marketing Reports

Make key decisions with accurate and relevant data based on user behaviors and engagements. Choose the most important metrics for each campaign and message, then generate custom reports to review your performance. Understand end-to-end ROI and track both online and offline lead sources. Share key information with your team, clients and customers in a readable and accessible display.

All the Integrations You Need

Connect to hundreds of third-party software providers with SharpSpring’s APIs and Zapier connections. Sync data with your marketing automation CRM systems, keep your content management systems updated and integrate native and third party web forms with our marketing platform. Take control of your CRM and marketing automation by rebranding emails, notifications, reports and even the app itself. Store data on our encrypted, secure and scalable platform.

Comprehensive Social Media Management

Go beyond scheduling, publishing and monitoring. Turn social interactions into meaningful conversations that generate sales and show up in your marketing reports. SharpSpring Social offers all the features you expect from a social management solution, plus powerful conversion tools you can only get from a fully-integrated CRM marketing automation platform. Trigger automated workflows and score social leads based on interactions, sources, interests and more. Measure end-to-end ROI of integrated marketing campaigns and demonstrate the value of your social media efforts.

SharpSpring Partners

Hundreds of agencies and thousands of companies around the world trust SharpSpring.

Everything you need to deliver results to clients...

Included with every license:

Agency License

$ 900
  • 1 License (for your Agency)
  • 3 Licenses for Clients
  • Unlimited Users
  • 100,000 Contacts
  • 25,000/mo Emails
  • Monthly Contract & Billing
  • Unlimited Support & Training
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Agency 10 License

$ 2,250
  • 1 License (for your Agency)
  • 10 Licenses for Clients
  • Unlimited Users
  • 100,000 Contacts
  • 25,000/mo Emails
  • Monthly Contract & Billing
  • Unlimited Support & Training
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Save more

AUD $415 for each additional client


... while maintaining 1/10th of the cost of competitors.

Compare Plans10,000 Contact PlanHubSpot Enterprise Price and TermsMarketo Basic Price and TermsAct-On Enterprise Price and TermsPardot Pro Price and Terms
Annual Cost$14,940$58,368$41,040$36,480$45,600
Get Started Cost$3,845$67,488$59,280$44,080$54,720
Contract TermsAnnual and Monthly OptionsAnnual, Paid UpfrontAnnual, Paid QuarterlyAnnual, Paid UpfrontAnnual, Paid Monthly
3rd-Party CRM IntegrationAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
CRM IncludedFreeFreeNot AvailableNot AvailableAdditional Charge
Monthly Cost$1,245$4,864$3,420$3,040$4,800
Additional Contacts$10 per 1,000$10 per 1,000VariesVaries$100 per 1,000
Phone SupportFreeFreeFreeLimitedAdditional Fee
Included UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited6 Marketing, 100 SalesUnlimited
Additional UsersN/AN/AN/AVariesN/A

All the same features. Unlimited users & support. Fraction of the cost.

A revenue engine for agencies.

With more dollars staying in your agency, you can deliver better results for your clients

Hundreds of agencies and thousands of companies around the world trust SharpSpring.

Month-to-month contracts and billing make things simple.

Single-sign-on makes it easy to manage your clients in our Client Management Console.