ELO offers digital, version-controlled filing, and automation for living documents within an intelligent system. Users can quickly find documents, data, and information of all kinds, link them to workflows, discuss using collaboration tools, and even analyse them using powerful tools.

Present in industries all over Australia such as mining services, governments and more, our Business and Industry Solutions offer the right answer to every business question. We make every business better!

ELO is a Business Improvement Software

The most critical part of any business is how well information flows throughout a company. Without information no sales can be made, no services can be provided, and no teamwork can exist. That is why it is vital that the right information is at hand for the right people at the right time, no matter where they are. At ELO we provide world-leading and user-friendly Document and Records Management solutions to companies of all sizes.

Nothing is more constant than change.

The right information.

For the right people.

At the right time.

Simply. Better. Organised.

With over 1,000,000 users and more than 30, 000 live sites, ELO is a global company with Australian expertise. Our powerful modules, interfaces and mobile apps are designed to improve business process and are tailored to the Australian market. The open architecture connects seamlessly with your existing environment and most 3rd party applications.

ELO is creating unprecedented opportunities for companies, no matter their size. Deploying best practice solutions at thousands of sites, we have the experience to determine your specific needs. Our large network of certified Business Partners, like Envision Digital, ensures that support and advice is always available when you need it – in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid solution.

Our Business Solutions

Different companies have different requirements when it comes to Document Management Solutions. Whatever your needs, ELO has a tailored solution that supports all your business processes. ELO offers a broadly diversified portfolio of solutions for invoice management, contract managment, remote working, ERP integration. We offer solutions designed for specific processes such as in HR departments, and much more. There is no limit to ELO’s applications.

ELO is a Business Improvement Software

Information Management is the key to successfully running a business. The correct information at the correct time provides the base for educated decision making. ELO GeoTag adds the next level of information to the decision-making process. Fast, reliable and comprehensively.

The Business Solution GeoTag primary function is based on capturing geo-spatial metadata associated with a document, file or record, providing users the ability to view this information visually.

Case Studies


Adding Value Through Asset Document Control

Adding Value Through Asset Document Control


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Training Australia’s

Deer Park Football Club​

A lesson in Legacy System Upgrades

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